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HR Insights provides you with the latest market updates, salary surveys and industry reports. We aim to use our expertise to help keep you informed on the HR market to enable you to make the right decisions for your business and career progression.  

We produce a series of publications which seek to provide opportunities for ongoing benchmarking, leveraging on our international reach and global networks to gain real-time insight and future trend analysis from those in industry. We also partner with well-known industry publications to produce market-leading content.

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Global HR Report

Our annual global report of senior HR professionals aims to shine a light on the current shape and scope of the people and talent arenas, identifying global trends, challenges and opportunities. This report delivers a current snapshot of the profession, highlighting strategy and predictions for 2018, supported by industry case studies and commentary. 

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Global HR Report
Global HR Spotlight 2018

How to cultivate a successful employer brand

What does employer branding mean to you? Our new and exclusive report 'How to cultivate a successful employer brand' is a unique piece of research which explores the biggest issues in employer branding today, featuring expert opinion from leading HR and Marketing professionals: Paul Davies - Microsoft, Derren Young - Electronic Arts (EA), Amy Sawbridge - Virgin, Emma Tolhurst - Accenture, Laura Weston - Golin and Neil Harrison - NH237 Consulting Ltd.

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How to cultivate a successful employer brand

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