Meet the Frazer Jones Benelux team

Onze consultants


My career has always been the focus point of my life. Starting in sales at a young age, I saw the opportunities ahead and ever since I’ve been hooked to strive for the highest. Helping organisations find the right people for the right position is something which gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction. The road to success might be tough and in my opinion never ending. Nevertheless I enjoy every step of it.


During my time as a recruitment consultant, I’ve placed people for both interim and permanent positions, both national and international. Therefore I’ve gained insight on what recruitment is on a variety of spectrums and learned how to approach those all in its own specific way.

Now working at Frazer Jones as a consultant within The Future Talent Team and excited to gain more and more knowledge in order to provide the best service to both clients and candidates.


Due to my experience in multiple areas I gained the ability to level with a wide range of professionals from all levels. Building up relations and sustaining them is something I like doing and helped me achieve multiple successes in my career. Getting to know people both skillset as personal wise is key to help people find not only a job they like but also a culture that matches theirs.