A new orbit in Coronatime

A new orbit in Coronatime

Ruud Janssen Marktinzicht

Starting with a new job can being quite exciting, especially now that everything is different. I started May 1st at Frazer Jones and I’d like to share my experience in this blog and give some tips that have helped me.

Online onboarding
The introduction to my new colleagues, getting acquainted with systems and practices is all done online, we use Microsoft Teams which is amazingly good. We start every morning with a 'thought of the day', in this way I get to know my new colleagues in a nice way and I already know what the most beautiful travel experiences they have. Also because of the virtual drinks 'VrijMiBO' I quickly get to know them in a relaxed atmosphere! 
Because of the physical distance it can sometimes be difficult to really connect with your new colleagues. I’ve benefited a lot  from the following tips, should you also start in an online environment, you might benefit from this:

Ask questions
It's not a problem to be 'new'. Especially now that there is a certain distance between you and your colleagues, you may be less likely to ask certain questions: don't do this. Your new colleagues often like to help you as their new colleague!

Be proactive
Actively seek out a  first contact with your new colleagues. Normally you would come across them in the corridors, at lunch or at the coffee machine, you miss that now.  Schedule your own video calls so they will also recognize your face. This has helped me a lot in the first few weeks and my new colleagues know how to find me better now.

Make it personal 
A video call, and certainly a phone call, can be more impersonal than a 'real' conversation. When I heard that a new colleague lived close to me, I invited him to take an introduction to the park where we both lived next door.  A first meeting to remember!

I'm also very curious to hear how you guys are doing this, do you have any tips to make starting in these times more interesting? Let us know!