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Frazer Jones

Frazer Jones has been servicing the BeNeLux region since 2008. The team built on this network until they expanded out to Amsterdam in 2017. We are a global leading specialist HR Search Recruitment consultancy with a network of 11 international offices. Our BeNeLux team recruit across the financial services, professional services and commerce & industry sectors.

Our consultants have multiple years of experience in the recruitment industry and pride themselves on their ability to offer consultancy and staffing solutions on internal exercises such as business partners, talent acquisition, reward and learning & development.

We leverage relationships from our global database and offices worldwide. Our HR network in Europe is fast-growing thanks to our social media presence, thought leadership and hosting regular events & workshops. 

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Living & Working in Amsterdam

Posted July 2018

If you are thinking about moving to Amsterdam, this guide will hopefully help you with your decision. We have split this guide into several sections and have highlighted the key points that you will need to consider before booking your flight! To speak to a member of the team about your potential...

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AI will not take away all our jobs tomorrow

Posted June 2018

It was great to attend LinkedIn’s EMEA #talentintelligence event this week and thanks to Tom Little for the invite. There were some interesting keynote speeches but one that I particularly enjoyed was about the reality of AI by Rand Hindi. AI seems to be the hot topic across most professions and ...

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Our global leadership team

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    Darrren Wentworth

    Global Partner


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    Clare Thornton



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    Michael Illert


    Continental Europe

  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9gcmf6zxigsm9uzxmvanbnl3jlbmutcm9zc28uanbnil1d

    René Rosso



  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9gcmf6zxigsm9uzxmvanbnl1npbw9ux1n0zxbozw5zlxdlynnpdguuanbnil1d

    Simon Stephens

    Head of Middle East

    Middle East

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    Charlotte Perkins



  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9gcmf6zxigsm9uzxmvanbnl3nlyw4tdg9uzy5qcgcixv0

    Sean Tong

    Head of Asia


  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9gcmf6zxigsm9uzxmvanbnl2jyywqtbgf3lmpwzyjdxq

    Brad Law

    Head of USA


  • W1siziisimnvbxbpbgvkx3rozw1lx2fzc2v0cy9gcmf6zxigsm9uzxmvanbnl21py2hlbgxllwphy2tzb24uanbnil1d

    Michelle Jackson

    Head of North Asia

    North Asia

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